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Friday, June 28, 2013


TEDDY ROOSEVELT is known for his vigorous lifestyle which he adopted to offset his youthful infirmities and physical weaknesses. He kept up a fast pace and traveled around the world, hunting and shooting his way, and took up jiu-jitsu, single stick, boxing and wrestling, among other similar activities. He wrote books also, many of which, if not most, are forgotten or neglected, and which offer some insights into the man.

BIOGRAPHIES abound on him, of course, and it seems likely that more aspects of this American President will be done in years to come. His life is important because it reveals a number of things that led to certain national policies as well as problems and again, on an international/global scale problems that are still with the United States that seem to have originated with him, which have  been minimized by public admiration of him and a 'manufactured' image that he, himself, created much in the same way many entertainers and actors do today.

By and large AMERICAN IMPERIALISM, which began with THEODORE 'TEDDY' ROOSEVELT  and those who admired and supported him in various ways, influenced JAPANESE IMPERIALISM at the very least.

RACIAL THEORIES, especially those that suggested  Caucasians and thereby, Aryans, were, along with the Nordic, Teutonic, and related tribes, were SUPERIOR and that other races were inferior appealed to Roosevelt and a good many others in his day and some continue to the very present. The consequences on AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICIES, and also domestic, were enormous at the time and still are being felt this very day.

The various racial and ethnic beliefs of the time, bolstered by Darwinian Evolutionary Theories and
related notions also influenced Hitler and other dictators in their quest for power, of course, but it the influence that Roosevelt had on the Japanese and its quest for EMPIRE that needs to be discussed.

It probably has never occurred to most persons that the Japanese are 'HONORARY ARYANS'!
But this was the case when Teddy Roosevelt became enarmoured with the Japanese and their SAMURAI CULTURE and BUSHIDO NOTIONS that led, of course, eventually to WORLD WAR II.

Unlike the CHINESE whose Nation was labeled as 'THE SICK MAN OF ASIA' or 'THE SICK MAN OF CHINA', a weak and invalid nation whose people served at the time as cheap labor for Americans in their push to 'tame the West'  and 'civilize the 'REDSKINS' or 'INJUNS'.

THE SPANISH AMERICAN WAR led to the growth of AMERICAN EXPANSION AND IMPERIALISM and also gave TEDDY ROOSEVELT some of the status he craved in the world
of  power and  politics and also that others craved from themselves and the Nation.

The notion that wars lead to a better life, a better civilization, and progress has long captured the attention of many in the world and Teddy Roosevelt  was one who held  this belief honed and sharpened to appeal to others who admired him, no doubt.

Although he won THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE, he actually condoned JAPANESE AGRESSION IN ASIA a fact many have overlooked in their obvious 'patriotisms' since then. Few know and realize that PROBLEMS IN KOREA TODAY STEM FROM CERTAIN THINGS THAT TEDDY ROOSEVELT DID OR ALLOWED TO HAPPEN AND ENCOURAGED.

After reading NITOBE'S BUSHIDO and learning the subtlety of Japanese deceptiveness from his mentors, he began to find more enchantment in Japanese affairs.

Today, we see 'THE CODE OF THE SAMURAI permeating the culture of THE UNITED STATES as many seek to emulate, study, and practice such, forgetting the lessons of WORLD WAR TWO, the KOREAN.WAR, and VIETNAM.

The policies and practices used in gaining and controlling the PHILIPPINES, PUERTO RICO & HAWAII along with other possessions long forgotten by most in the US, carried over into other approaches of  foreign policy and are still operating today, though in a slightly different manner and

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Dr. Shiro Ishii was the Japanese Counterpart of Dr. Joseph Mengele the German whose notorious experiments are fairly well-known now in many respects, while those of Dr. Ishii are less well known to the US public and others... Both men conducted experiments on prisoners and these are still being documented by researchers...However, many Nazi and Japanese War criminals have enjoyed freedom and life in the United States, much of it compliments of the US goverment and military who were eager to learn and utilize their 'secrets' and information, especially on rocket science, bacteriology and chemical warfare,etc. Dr. Ishii,however, went back to Japan where he lived a relatively undisturbed and unperturbed life, probably in the belief that he served his country, his Emperor, etc. with honor and, therefore, need not concern himself any more on such matters... The point is that many of these criminals from WWII enjoyed life and privileges in the US and were cared for and,probably,paid for their 'contributions to humanity and civilization' and to 'science'..... The fact is, that many of these criminals are still wandering about in the US, no doubt, and you may well know some of them and not realize it,while worrying about 'illegals' and 'terrorists' as you go down the streets.... The killers among us are there but how many of us recognize them...or understand them... I hope to give more details on this subject when I have more time ...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



The JAPANESE, among other groups of nations and cultures, suffer from what has been called 'CULTURAL AMNESIA', a condition in which all things painful, distasteful,etc. are ignored for a more conforming and comfortable appearance. The formalization of all segments of Japanese Life seldom allows for intrusion or invasion of ideas that would upset 'the smooth flow' of life and society. Even the criminal has his 'place' and his 'honor'!


According to what little information I have THE NIPPON MUSLIM ASSOCIATION was formed in 1943,if not before, and, as such, possibly, if not probably, is the foundation for the elaborate network of modern ISLAMIC terrorism in various Far Eastern areas...since the Japanese Intelligence operated prior to WWII to facilitate the destruction of Colonialism via nationalistic approaches....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

थे इन्फ्लुएंस ऑफ़ जें ओं मर्तिअल ARTS

In my personal library, I have a few books by Westerners on Japanese culture and on Zen Buddhism which I became acquainted with while in college years ago and which,on and off, I have delved into the various books from time to time that have appeared since then, and I find some of interest, especially those of those Westerners who have shaved their heads, taken up tea ceremonies, even judo and karate, not to mention Ninjutsu,etc, and have entered monasteries devoted to one or another branch or sect of Zen, and who have sometimes gained interesting insights into themselves and have lived ' monastic' life....both men and women have done this. I have to add that the attraction of Oriental and Asian religions is nothing new for the West, that since the early days of discovery of ancient scripts and masterpieces, especially from India, Westerners of all kinds have taken to Vedanta, Yoga, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, and the like and have become adherents and devotees of many sects, organizations, ashrams, and followers of numerous 'saints', 'gurus', 'swamis', 'lamas', etc. and also lived in India and Tibet, Nepal,etc. as monks,etc. while these days many do not go to those lands anymore but embrace the monastic life in the US, for example at similar institutions set up for such purposes.....and have also written some interesting accounts,etc. The same is true for many Westerners who have embraced Sufism, Christianity, Catholicism,etc. in that many have had 'peak' experiences and 'mystical' yearnings and have written about such or received some minor publicity for their efforts, which they are often quite willing to share with the reading public who will not, or seldom ever, enter these realms from their everyday existences for various reasons...despite an interest in such esoteric and arcane subjects..... The general public will remain satisfied with those fraternal organizations and charitable groups and standard religious groups, churches and other centers of 'worshop' and not venture except perhaps to slide shows, lectures, and demonstrations,etc. However, there is a large body of literature dealing with Zen and its relation to various martial arts, many of which have been written by practitioners of martial arts as well as prominent teachers and instructors, some of whom have lived and studied and worked in Japan and other Asian areas and who are versed in other cultural aspects and quite often speak the languages of these countries, like Japanese or Chinese,etc. The impetus for all of this comes as a result of WORLD WAR TWO and slow but steady progress that martial arts have undergone since their early introduction by returning US servicemen, that is, as far as the US is concerned. However, various groups of martial arts have since that time sent their members and teachers abroad so that nearly every country in the world now has a judo, karate, kungfu, tae kwon do, etc. group....and along with this has been attached the religions, in some cases very intensely, of Zen, Buddhism and Taoism.......of which more will be discussed further when time permits.